Emma is officially eating soft foods and purees which is making this mama so proud and also a little sad. At the same time we’re officially on formula which means my breastfeeding journey with Emma has come to an end. Major props to you mamas who BF a year or even after that! It’s such a challenge but I’m definitely going to miss it :(

A few weeks ago Yumi sent us a couple boxes of their baby purees to try on Emma. It’s been so cool to try out new foods with her and experiment with textures and recipes. The only downfall is that I don’t always have the time to make our own food at home and am noticing that our local grocery stores carry the same mix of food pouches(plus I feel bad using up so much plastic!). So I was intrigued by Yumi and their foods because they are changing all the time and they actually introduce a ton of fresh ingredients I wouldn’t usually use. I’m a creature of habit and make the same 2-3 things every week at home for dinner so I feel like it would probably be the same mix of foods if I chose to make Emma’s dishes each week. I love that they’ve done all the hard work so I can just pull them out of the fridge during meal time. Plus they deliver straight to your door and the foods come in the most beautiful reusable jars! Everything about my experience with them has been top notch.

Our boxes arrived and I was blown away by how beautiful the packaging was. It also included a cute little food book to read to Emma. Once we opened up the foods there was a mix of single ingredient purees as well as blends that introduced a variety of ingredients like ground flax, quinoa, kiwi and dragon fruit. It was yellow week so a lot of the ingredients focused on yellow foods. Foods I wouldn’t ever think would taste good but after trying them all myself they were surprisingly delicious! Emma went crazy for them and I can’t wait to reorder and see what other blends they think up. Yumi has also included a discount code for my readers to try out. If you have a little one that’s eating purees or you’re starting to introduce soft foods you can use my code: NOIRVEYUMI50 for a free week on your first order. Enjoy! x

Shout out to Jane for letting us use her beautiful kitchen for this post ;)

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Time for another mini style post! It’s finally starting to cool down here in San Diego and I’m so excited for this fall season! We’re scheduled to get our backyard redone in the next couple weeks, just in time for bonfires, s’mores and hosting holiday parties. ;) Emma is crawling ALL over the place and starting to pull herself up which means we’re gonna start putting shoes on her(!!). I’m noticing lately that I really prefer one piece outfits for her, they’re just so much easier to work with. Especially now that she is constantly twisting and turning when we try to change her diaper. I normally gravitate towards black/white/grey for both my wardrobe and hers but this season I’m going to implement some color! I love those little overalls and that cute pull over sweatshirt. I just ordered them and I can’t wait to dress her up. We’re heading to the pumpkin patch this week or next(I haven’t decided yet) which is so crazy to me, I can’t believe we’re in October already.

Happy Monday! x

We just got back from Hawaii and I’m so swamped with emails, work and unpacking. I can’t wait to share all of the photos we took while we were in Maui! We had plans of posting a video of our travels but sadly we lost ALL of the footage due to a software update and I’m so upset. Like so upset I might have teared up a bit. But at least I’ll have photos to share with you all! In the meantime, I thought I’d post a round up of some links I’m loving this week!

→ Loved this post on the rise of picture perfect motherhood through instagram.

Dear husband: When I forget to see you…

This podcast episode with the founder of Create & Cultivate. I love the TSC podcast I think you all will, too!

→ Loved Molly’s thoughts on how to survive the first three months(the 4th trimester) after having a baby.

→ I am so pumped fall is here. I just snagged this sweatshirt for Emma to wear.

→ Great tips on how to nurture your mama-crew!

→ The last 8 months after having a baby have been rough so I’m so excited to get back into taking care of myself and cooking at home. Loved Mara’s Trader Joe’s staples!

Happy Friday! x

Last week my friend Jane and I ventured up to Los Angeles with our babies to check out the Museum of Ice Cream. It’s exactly what it sounds like, an entire museum about ice cream. It was a pretty incredible experience. Ice cream and treats in each room, bright colors and giant gummy bears. It’s like seeing all your childhood dreams come to life! Jane has a 6 week old baby girl Goldie, who is so precious (I know Emma is only 7 months old but I’m already missing that newborn phase!) and she pretty much slept through all the fun but we still had a blast!

Emma was not a fan of the pool of sprinkles ;)

Tickets are all sold out but I’d definitely sign up for their email list to be notified when tickets go on sale again. It was so fun to check out. :)