I’m so happy I stuck with taking these monthly photos of her! I’m in disbelief that Emma’s first year has come and gone! I keep looking back through all of my photos and videos of her and she’s grown up so much already. She’s walking all on her own, she can dance to her favorite song(imogen heap – the happy song), she loves bread + pasta, and sleeps 13 hours a night. She’s perfect. And I can’t believe she’s ours. I wanted to share this video Aaron made last year shortly after Emma was born. It’s a few days before I went into labor, and then a few days of her first moments. I love it and I always tear up watching it.<3

For the past two years I’ve been taking a short video everyday using the 1SE(one second everyday) app on my iPhone. I loved my compilation from last year(I posted it on my personal facebook when I was on my blogging hiatus) and this years was even sweeter because we brought Emma into the world. The video is basically clips of Emmas everyday this year but I love seeing how much she’s changed in just the last 10 months! It’s insane and it doesn’t even seem real that she’s almost ONE.

2017 was amazing for us, I feel like I say that every year but each year gets harder and harder to top. Some noteable events; having Emma(duh), introducing her to my family in May and taking Emma to Lake Tahoe, going to Napa for Sharmeens bachelorette party and leaving Emma with family for the weekend, Sharmeen getting married, going on a family trip to Hawaii and surviving the 5 hour flight, hosting Thanksgiving with all of our family in San Diego, going to Seattle for my friend Erins birthday, starting a new business venture with my friend Jane(can’t wait to share what we’re up to for 2018!), updating our backyard, slowing down with work so I could enjoy some time with Emma, visiting Reno for two weeks and being able to experience Emma’s first Christmas and New Years with my family. This year was incredible and I’m so excited to see what 2018 has in store for us!

→ I’ve been reading You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero and I’m obsessed.

→ Sarahs living room makeover is a dream. I’m thinking we might need that frame tv for our living room. So cute.

This podcast episode with Joy Cho was pretty amazing. I got chills when she talked about how she’s raising her girls to be empathetic and caring.

→ I tried and failed the Whole 30 after a week. So these pumpkin cheesecake bars are looking pretty delicious right now.

→ Now that the weather in southern california is FINALLY cooling down I just snagged this sweater. I’m thinking it’ll be a winter staple in my wardrobe this season.

→ I’m back to working out and needed some new workout gear for a little extra motivation. These leggings and this sports bra are my faves right now.

→ Watching Mike and Megan build their dream home has been so amazing. I’m loving this post on their dining room design. Totally makes me want to build a home!!

→ I worked with Leah last year on the opening of her online shop and she finally opened up a brick and mortar here in San Diego! If you’re local or visiting make sure to stop in. Such a cute spot.

So happy we finally made it out to the pumpkin patch! It’s a tradition for Aaron and I every year and I’m so excited to start including little Emma in on the fun. It’s a liiiiittle on the hot side right now in San Diego (where the f are you fall!?) but we made the most of it this weekend. We love going up to Bates Nut Farm in Escondido to pick pumpkins. Mostly for the experience, it’s great for kiddos(hay rides and a petting zoo!) but they also have the best fudge. Sadly we didn’t get any this year because we’re planning on starting Whole 30 tomorrow(cross your fingers for me, ugh) but it was pretty fun being able to show Emma around. I remember walking around the pumpkin patch with Aaron last year when I was around 6 months pregnant and getting so excited about bringing Emma here! It’s so insane how time flies and that we have this little baby we can show the world to. She didn’t quite understand what these huge orange balls were but at least we have some cute photos, right? Our little pumpkin. ;)

Emma is starting to wave!! I love it so much. And her little teeth showing when she smiles are my favorite.

Side note: every year at the pumpkin patch Aaron likes to get a photo in front of a rotting pumpkin to make it look like he dropped it. It’s hilarious. We post it on Facebook and it’s kind of ridiculous how many people haven’t caught on yet and think he’s actually dropped it! I love this tradition!