A couple of weeks ago Aaron and I had some family photos taken with Emma. It’s like pulling teeth to convince Aaron to get photos taken but I’m so glad we got these done! We met up with my friend Becky from Limelife Photography one evening and she snapped some photos of us while we took a stroll through this woodsy trail. I love how these photos aren’t forced at all and I’m so surprised there’s actually photos of Emma looking at the camera and not wiggling, haha. Thank you Becky!! We love these photos so much I can’t wait to frame a bunch and put them all over the house.

Shop my dress here / Emma’s dress here / Aarons shirt here (similar)

Rug (similar), credenza, basket (similar)

After almost a year of living in our house we’ve been slowly making updates and we finally got around to putting up this floating credenza in the living room over the weekend. I’m so in love with how it turned out! It’s not completely finished, we’re planning on putting a slab of wood on the top and sides of it to match our dining room table and bed frame but that will come at another time since this took up most of our weekend. On top of it we’ve been dealing with a grumpy baby and 4 month sleep regression so we’re pretty dang exhausted and this is pretty much the nicest area of the house at the moment. Although it’s taken almost a year to fill out the house with furniture its been worth the wait and I’m glad we took our time finding pieces that we love. Anywho, I wanted to pop in and share some things I’ve been loving lately!

Good American jeans. / I was a little skeptical about buying these jeans because of the price but they’re worth every penny. These jeans fit like a glove! I’ve been feeling like I’m going through a mid life crisis of sorts but with clothing my new mom-bod(mama’s please tell me I’m not alone!?) but these hug in all the right places. I’ve worn them for probably 25 out of the last 30 days haha.

Youth To The People age prevention cleanser / This baby is aging me. I’ve never felt like I needed to buy age-preventing washes or moisturizers until this year and I’m super happy with this face wash. A friend of mine told me she’s been using it for awhile and has seen a noticeable difference in the fine lines on her forehead which is super exciting. I’ve been using it for a week now and I feel like my face overall just feels a little brighter. I love the light scent and how my face doesn’t feel super dry after using it. Will report back after a few months of using it.

Jennas Kitchen tumbler / This water tumbler is everything. They’re sold out of it until July, sadly, but I’ve been loving this thing. I don’t know what it is about it but I’ve been drinking so much water and love that it keeps my water cold all day. Aaron has even been asking me to get him one too haha July can’t come soon enough!

Kristin Ess dry shampoo / Last week I got some longish bangs and needed a new dry shampoo to try out. I normally use this one from Living Proof but it’s kinda pricey and I feel like I always run out of it fast. I’ve seen Kristin Ess products all over my instagram(the packaging for her shampoo/conditioner is SO pretty) so I was excited to try this stuff. It did a really good job of absorbing the oils in my hair and I LOVE the smell of it. One of my complaints about the Living Proof one I used was the smell so this was a nice surprise.

Native deodorant / I’ve been on the hunt for a natural deodorant that WORKS and this one is it. I got it in their Coconut & Vanilla scent and it smells incredible. I seriously wish they made this into a lotion because it smells that good. Love that it’s aluminum free as well.

Since I didn’t blog for an entire year I feel like I have a lot of photos I want to share here. I feel like a part of me is playing catch up, like you would with an old friend you haven’t seen in awhile. I have so much to share with you all. I promise I won’t go overboard with too much from 2016 but I really want a place for all of these great memories to sit online instead of sitting in folders on my dropbox. For instance these photos from our maternity session, my trip to New York(post coming soon!) and even photos from our honeymoon in Italy. I have tons of photos from all of our trips so I’m excited to go through everything and share them here.

First up, my maternity photos. I wasn’t planning on sharing these(especially because they’re about 4 months overdue) but this was still a part of my life I really enjoyed and love that we documented. I was starting to REALLY feel pregnant at this phase and was so exhausted so we almost didn’t get photos taken. But I’m so glad we ended up getting these done. I loved everything about being pregnant(except that last month, it was a doozy) and I loved getting photos of my growing bump taken but Aaron and I rarely have photos taken of us together so this was really special. Plus it was really nice to get dressed up, really different from the yoga pants I wear every day. These were taken by our friends over at Deer Lovers(they took our engagement + wedding photos!) and they did such a good job. It’s so crazy how amazing the human body is. Like I grew a human in my belly and now she’s almost 4 months old. So insane!

I don’t think I ever shared this about Emma here but she’s actually named after my grandma who passed away almost 4 years ago. After my grandma passed I got matching “Emma” tattoos with my Mom and I knew immediately that if we ever had a daughter she’d be named after her. I miss my grandma every single day and although Emma will never get to meet her great grandma I’m so happy we got to pass this little piece of her on. This is so meaningful to me and I will cherish this tattoo forever. <3

Image sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Aaron and I are making plans to completely overhaul our backyard this summer and I’m SO excited! We have a huge (albeit hideous) backyard at the moment and I’m ready to transform it into something we can all enjoy. After spending countless hours trying to figure out what to do we’ve enlisted the help of a friend/designer and he’ll be helping design our backyard. I’m so excited to see what he has up his sleeve! We currently live in a 3 bedroom house and for awhile this worked for us but with having Emma we realized we needed an extra room for our office so we can keep a room dedicated to hosting family and friends when they visit. We’ll be renovating an old airstream out in the backyard to use for our office and I can’t wait. I’m so excited to have it out back so we can have a separate space away from our house to work. And also, an airstream! How cool is that? I’ll post more about the process when we get into it.

Along with the studio we’re wanting to make the backyard pretty drought-tolerant. I’m thinking cacti, succulents, decomposed granite and rocks. I know we’ll soon have a crazy toddler so I don’t want to go too crazy with dangerous plants. I would love to add in some wooden planters somewhere to attempt to grow some fruits/veggies. We’re also thinking about adding in a firepit which makes me SO excited to have guests over and hang out in the backyard. Lastly, we have a big cement patio so we want to build a pergola for some shade. There’s a random grass patch that I wanted to get rid of but I think we’ll end up keeping it for the baby to play on when she’s older. Either that or completely move it off to one side of the yard and eventually build a play area/sandbox for her. It’s kinda weird being an adult and having to think about that kinda stuff now…

Here are a couple photos of what the yard currently looks like. It’s pretty big, I don’t even think these photos do it justice…

See? Really ugly.

It was COVERED in weeds up until this weekend when we had it cleaned up. It seriously looked like a jungle from all the rain we got in January and February. I’m not lying, the weeds were taller than Riot haha. I can’t wait to get started on the yard and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t SUPER pumped about picking out all the furniture and plants, too. Crazy plant lady over here! Who’s coming over for a bbq? ;)