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Happy Friday! This week I wrapped up a logo project for a marketing company I’ve been working with and I’m totally in love with everything we designed together. I love when I dive into a project and the people I’m working with are super enthusiastic and inspiring. It makes the project all the more fun and exciting when you see the final results come together. Here are some of my favorite rejected options from this project. We wanted to keep it really simple and clean while still having a luxurious feel. You can see the final logo that was selected here.

I also updated my site with new projects this week. Take a look! → NOIRVE.COM


I’m in the middle of a project for a new company, Made to Thrive. I’m so excited about this guys, everything about this project has been so fun and really more of the style that I want to continue to do for small businesses. Made to Thrive is a web development studio for creatives and some of our key words for this project are simple / bold / tasteful and light. We just finished up the branding so you can view some of my favorite rejected options above and once the new website design launches I’ll be sure to share here!! You’ll love it :)

Some rejected options from a super fun project I’m working on for a husband and wife duo who own a farm and plan on sharing their adventures in farm life! Super fun, right? I have to say, it was even hard for me to choose a favorite logo option amongst all of the ones we created together, I loved all of them! But I’m super excited for the final and we ended up creating some additional fun marks and icons to use throughout their branding and website. I’ll keep you posted when their site launches!

Some rejected options from my client Alexandra! I’m so excited for you all to see this project live(hopefully in the next couple weeks). For her final logo we stuck with the top right but made a few tweaks. I just love the boldness in these and although I’m not a fan of my own handwriting I was pretty happy with the rough lettering I did for #4. Will post this project soon, it’s so hard being patient when websites are in development. ;)