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I’m currently working together with a lifestyle and food photographer and I’m having so much fun exploring options for her logo. We’re going for a tasteful but edgy look so I’ve been playing with a lot of typography and adding in elements that could represent her business without being too cliche. For a few of these options we’ve taken some of the icons that are on the actual dslr camera and played with them into the logo. Though these are more complex we ended up going a much more minimal route while still allowing it to have a strong meaning. Also, I love the bold + bright colors that were chosen. Will show the final soon! xx

First off, thank you all SO much for your comments in my last post! Aaron and I are so excited to start planning our wedding together and can’t thank you all enough for your kind words and encouragement. I still can’t believe it!

In other wedding news, I recently just wrapped up a client project for a wedding which is super fun and always exciting! For this project we worked on creating one mark/lockup that they could use throughout the rest of their collateral. Here were a couple of rejects from the options I presented. I just love that simple script and I created a water tower icon based off of the water tower which is the main attraction at their venue. So excited for these two!

Not too long ago I shared this moodboard for food blogger, Vegetarian Ventures. Shelly is so sweet to work with and has been very easy in that she knows exactly what she wants which makes the design process go so smoothly! Above are a few rejected options that were presented to her. I’ve loved working on the iconography for this project and excited that we’ll be keeping the pineapple from the top left in her final branding. I’ll be sure to share the final soon!