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We totally skipped winter here in San Diego which feels really strange. It went from cool temps(not freezing) straight to hot again, we had the AC on yesterday *eye roll*. But alas, here’s another mini style series. I realized these are just for clothes I usually pick out for girls but would you like to see some picks for boys as well? I can totally do that if you want me to. For the most part I tend to dress Emma in a lot of neutrals/blues so half the time she gets called a boy anyways. Side note: I’m obsessed with Zara.

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Also, I realized for almost a year now I’ve been talking about the new website launching. The hold up was that it was taking me forever to gather all of my new work and writing the copy for my site. So I finally prepped all my work(which I’m so excited to share) but I also hired a copywriter! Once the copy is all finished we’ll be ready to launch and you’ll never hear me talk about the new site launching again(well at least for a year before I decide I want to change everything again) I’ll keep you guys posted when it’s ready!

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Time for another mini style post! It’s finally starting to cool down here in San Diego and I’m so excited for this fall season! We’re scheduled to get our backyard redone in the next couple weeks, just in time for bonfires, s’mores and hosting holiday parties. ;) Emma is crawling ALL over the place and starting to pull herself up which means we’re gonna start putting shoes on her(!!). I’m noticing lately that I really prefer one piece outfits for her, they’re just so much easier to work with. Especially now that she is constantly twisting and turning when we try to change her diaper. I normally gravitate towards black/white/grey for both my wardrobe and hers but this season I’m going to implement some color! I love those little overalls and that cute pull over sweatshirt. I just ordered them and I can’t wait to dress her up. We’re heading to the pumpkin patch this week or next(I haven’t decided yet) which is so crazy to me, I can’t believe we’re in October already.

Happy Monday! x

I’m so excited to start a new series here on the blog showcasing outfits for my little mini. Now that it’s starting to warm up I’ve been picking through all of Emma’s clothes and storing away everything that she’s outgrown or that it’s too hot for. We don’t really have a lot of clothes for her outside of a handful of basic onesies and some dresses so here are some outfits I’m eyeing for our little lady for the summertime! I get so excited shopping for her, I can’t help myself. Also, I’m totally a sucker for stripes and polka dots for myself and clearly for my daughter ;)

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Aren’t those swims suits freaking adorable? I love the ice cream cone haha I wish they made that in adult sizes!