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We just got back from Hawaii and I’m so swamped with emails, work and unpacking. I can’t wait to share all of the photos we took while we were in Maui! We had plans of posting a video of our travels but sadly we lost ALL of the footage due to a software update and I’m so upset. Like so upset I might have teared up a bit. But at least I’ll have photos to share with you all! In the meantime, I thought I’d post a round up of some links I’m loving this week!

→ Loved this post on the rise of picture perfect motherhood through instagram.

Dear husband: When I forget to see you…

This podcast episode with the founder of Create & Cultivate. I love the TSC podcast I think you all will, too!

→ Loved Molly’s thoughts on how to survive the first three months(the 4th trimester) after having a baby.

→ I am so pumped fall is here. I just snagged this sweatshirt for Emma to wear.

→ Great tips on how to nurture your mama-crew!

→ The last 8 months after having a baby have been rough so I’m so excited to get back into taking care of myself and cooking at home. Loved Mara’s Trader Joe’s staples!

Happy Friday! x

Slowly but surely getting back to blogging and have been starting to put time aside every other day to work on a post. I find that not putting the pressure on myself to push a certain number of posts out each week is making it so much more enjoyable. I think the break I took was so necessary! Here are some links for your week:

→ Dying to try this Ahi Tuna Poke Quinoa Bowl recipe

→ Bre wrote a great post about systemizing client onboarding which is great for making your client intake process go quicker and smoother!

→ I love this post by Regina, 14 Drake Lyrics that will help you kill it in business and in life. So freaking clever.

5 Books to Read This Year As a Business Owner I’ve made a goal this year to read a new book a month(baby steps) and this is a great list I want to check out!

→ This was an amazing post by Jamie on Creating the Optimal Adobe Illustrator Workspace. If you work in Illustrator a lot this post is a must read.

Hey friends!! What a whirlwind this week was. I don’t know what it was about my trip up to Reno that made it super hard to get back into work mode this week but my motivation was definitely lacking. Luckily over the last two days I’ve had a burst of motivation which has been enough for me to complete my to do list for the week and have some spare time to blog :) Between wedding planning(with minor freak outs) and trying to finish up projects all in time to take the month of September off for the wedding and our honeymoon, I’ve been constantly telling myself to take it easy and focus on one thing at a time. You know that feeling when you’ve got too many things to handle and so you try to do it all at once but you don’t actually get anything done? Yea, that’s me. One thing at a time. But hey! I’m back at it and feeling pretty good about everything I checked off my list this week. Here are some links to read + check out, friends!

→ I’m in love with the Gilger’s new studio space that they just completed.

→ The IKEA catalog for 2016 has me wanting to turn my wallet upside down and say, “take all my money!”

→ I got this super cute Lou & Grey jumpsuit in the mail last week and I’m seriously obsessed! Fits perfectly and I love linen.

→ I love Bre’s breakdown of how she works on brand identities with her clients. Definitely makes me want to update the way I present concepts with my projects.

→ ALSO are you on snapchat? I’ve been using it for awhile now and I feel like more and more people and businesses are starting to use it. I’m loving that you get a little “behind the scenes” look at peoples day. Add me! → Noirve

→ Jen wrote a great post on how to write a successful project proposal.

→ I just want to jump through my computer screen and hug Joanna. I love love loved her post on failure and why it’s OKAY!

A Cup of Jo got a makeover and I really enjoyed the behind the scenes shots and process!

Lauren posted how she designs a full brand and website for her clients in just 2 weeks. I’ve never even thought of this before but it’s really interesting to read her process and it’s making me reconsider my own!

→ This cinnamon swirl loaf recipe has me drooling and thinking “what wedding diet?” ;)